Yoga Positions

Yoga Positions

There are many yoga positions that you can do in practicing yoga. They are all simple and effective body movements that help to strengthen the back; firm the stomach and redistribute body weight. If practice probably yoga exercises can stretch and tone the body muscles. It can also increase endurance and improve flexibility.

A common yoga positions are known as asanas (this is the Sanskrit name). These ananas were developed thousands of years ago and have evolved for over centuries. These positions are among the best for toning of the muscles, lubricating the joints and massaging the body as a whole. Asanas can also exercise the nerves, glands, ligaments and muscles. They work wonders in keeping the body healthy and the mind peaceful.

Asanas is very powerful and if it is done the right way the effect can becomes dramatic. When doing yoga the ones mind must be in harmony with the body’s movements. In the yoga cycle the benefits of the positions can assist to create and align balance, structure and strength in the both the body and the mind.

There are five main categories of positions:

  • Standing
  • Twisting
  • Balancing
  • Inverted
  • Back bending
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