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The ancient science of yoga symbols have been created thousands of years ago to bring health, happiness, and peace of mind to those who have studied it. There is an extensive range of yoga symbols used. During the ancient times the holy men known as rishis, observed animals, birds, other creatures and plants to developed asanas (this is the Sanskrit name for yoga positions), postures, and movements. As new asanas were formed a symbol which resembles these creatures would be created. Many of these yoga positions were named after these animals and plants. They include:

Bakasana – this represents the crane posture.

Matsyasana – the fish posture.

Shalabhasna – the locust posture.

Simhasana – the loin posture.

Vatayasana – the horse posture.

Padmasana – the lotus posture.

Suryasana – the sun or the salute to the sun.

In the characteristics of the delicate body, complex symbolisms are used to describe the cakras. This is known as the energy of the whirling motions. These motions are symbolized as lotuses, with each cakra containing a certain number of petals, colour, geometric shape, and presiding god.

Sanskrit letter are engraved on the petals of the lotuses, which symbolizes cosmic energy in the form of the exposed word. On the wall so yoga ashrams, (the place which usually secluded residence of a religious community and its guru) are large paintings of the cakras with all their symbols. One of the most well known painting symbolized Hatha Yoga (ha, sun, tha, and moon). The pictured show the spine known as yogadanda, which symbolizes the staff of God, followed up by the kundalini which is the serpent power coiled at the based of the spine. Lastly, symbol of the sun and moon are also used for the major nadis. This channels the prana to flow to the upper and lowers parts of the body.

Different yoga schools use different symbols that relates more closely to the aspect of the style of yoga they are concerned with. Pictures of gurus, Hindu gods, and goddesses are usually placed in ashrams. The most widely yoga symbols used Om. The word Om originated from the Sanskrit. The Om is the ancient sound by which the earth was formed, which is very similar to the concept to the Greek Logos. Om symbolizes unfolding or expansion. When the word is said, it begins in the lungs and ends on the lips. Representing the Om on glyph are called the omkar, this has four parts. Each part representing four states of awareness:

The ordinary waking or material state:
The state of deep sleep: yoga symbols
The state of dream:
And the state of absolute conscience, or the awakened state:
Om Symbol

Yoga Symbol

Other symbols seen are:

This is a symbol of health, happiness, and peace of mind fo those who studies yoga.


Yoga Symbol

This is the chinese writing meaning the word yoga. This is often seen tatoo on the body,
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